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Hyperia Repairs Underway June 3rd 2024

Thorpe Park
Monday 3rd June 2024

Work on repairing Hyperia has begun at Thorpe Park, it appears that the location of the issue with the new Mack Rides rollercoaster has been identified as something at the top of the lift hill.

Work started early with the crane dominating the skyline above Hyperia at 9 am. Different coloured hoist straps can be seen hanging off of the lift hill structure ready to be used. At the start of the day, a metal structure could be seen being craned to the top of the ride.

The park hasn't said anything about the issue and isn't commenting about it but we would say with Saw The Ride closed for the 3rd and 4th of June and a big crane being in the area. The issue could be the lift hill. Whilst riding Colossus during the day, what we expect to be new parts for the ride could be seen in wooden crates on the ground next to the crane. During the day we saw lots of engineers at the top of the lift, along with the crane and cherry picker being very active.

Fingers crossed with the fantastic team at Mack Rides and Thorpe Park, the ride will be back open again soon.