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Hyperia TV Advert Released

Thorpe Park
Thursday 9th May 2024

The advert for Hyperia has finally been released! The new TV advert for the new Mack Rides rollercoaster has been updated on the park's website and social media channels.

"The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted our brand-new Hyperia TV ad on our website. As our official Thorpe Park Insiders, we thought we'd give you a little peek into the ethos behind it.

The advert follows three people, each of whom may be struggling with confidence in their day-to-day lives. This could be work or personal life. We believe everyone has an inner Fearlessness, and riding Hyperia may be a turning point – "if I can do this, I can do anything."

As for Hyperia herself, her legend has been passed down through the centuries. Of course, storytellers have added a few fantastic embellishments over time – but the message of her story remains true. She overcame her fears; she found her fearless

Our new TV ad is our first inspired by feel-good thrills. Typically, we would market a colossal ride like Hyperia as ‘terrifying’ or a ‘challenge’ – but Hyperia is different. Instead of instilling fear (we'll leave that to Fright Nights), we empower anyone of any age (over 1.3m, of course) to ride Hyperia – you've got this attitude"

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