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Hyperia Trains Delivered And Installed In Maintenance Bay

Thorpe Park
Thursday 11th April 2024

Big news for Hyperia! Trains for the rollercoaster have been delivered and spotted being driven down the access road and are slowly one by one being installed in the maintenance building.

Car 3 of train 1 was delivered to the site this afternoon and is being installed in the maintenance bay. Driven down the access road by Nemesis Inferno we managed to catch a glimpse of the middle car of the train. With the cars facing away from the station for Hyperia, it won't be long until we get a glimpse of the front of the train.

The colour scheme for the Hyperia trains looks like a gold base with black restraints.

It's almost time to "Find Your Fearless"

The slogan for the rollercoaster can be seen above the station as you come into the break run.

This is our first trip down Monks Walk since the park opened. Since our last trip down here, the stairs for the exit out of the station have been installed along with more gold theming. Gold cages now shrouded the exit and entrance into the station.

You can also see the air gates for the rollercoaster from Monk's Walk. It won't be long now until these trains make their way around the track for the first time.

A huge crane was also on site today, checking bolts and double-checking parts of the track before testing begins.

Night-time lighting around the ride has started to be installed. Lights can be seen in the station and outside the station pointing up at the building and wings. 

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