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Hyperia Transfer Track Testing And Ride Area Fences Installed

Thorpe Park
Saturday 6th April 2024

It's been a big day for Hyperia today! Commissioning for the ride has begun, with the testing of different components leading up to more serious testing such as the train being sent around the track.

The transfer track for the ride was spotted testing twice today. With it moving back and forth. This might sound like a small thing but this means that the ride is powered up and all of the wirings for that component are connected to the control panel and ride plc.

Elsewhere around the site, new permanent banners have been installed on the new temporary fences around the area. These new banners show off the new Thorpe Park logo and the Hyperia concept art. More fence posts have also been installed around the area. Creating the ride area needed to test the rollercoaster very soon.

Speakers have also been installed on the lift hill for the rollercoaster. White speakers have been installed as the rollercoaster gets higher and then gold ones have been installed where the track is still gold. A very simple touch but it's great to see attention to detail. Work on installing cameras up the lift hill is also being worked on. Installing anything at that height can't be easy.

All of the flags that were installed on the crown of Hyperia have also now been removed.

Previously being stored in the compound next to Trailers, the air gates for the rollercoaster have been moved or installed.

With the transfer track testing, it can't be long until we see trains for the ride delivered onto the track. Watch this space! 

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