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Hyperia Two Weeks Until Open Day

Thorpe Park
Friday 10th May 2024

It's just two weeks left until Hyperia opens to guests at Thorpe Park! and final preparations are underway. 

Earlier this week the entrance sign and gateway were installed and since then work on adding the golden wings to the structure has been taking place. The sign appears to be double-sided so no exposed metalwork will be seen for the wings. Placeholders for the word "Hyperia" can be seen on the sign ready to be installed over the next few days. 

The small queue line shop called "Fearless Fuel" has been installed. Work on adding theming to the shop has taken place, the outside of the building has been themed and wires can be seen. poking out of the building ready for lights and signs. 

This is the first time we've looked into the site and seen a plaza for the ride. With the site offices now gone it's all hands on deck to finish the project. 

Ride testing was seen this afternoon with the famous John Burton walking into the area and watching the ride test from afar. It would appear that the park was shooting new videos and promotional material for the ride today. The model for Hyperia that was displayed in the Thorpe Mega Store was seen coming out of the site.

Other bits we've spotted around the site, the steps for the bottom of the lift hill have now been installed. Speakers are being installed in the queue line and posts for queue line tv's can be seen. The installation of the queue line is progressing well with it now wrapping around the area and next to the maintenance building. 

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