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Legoland Windsor 2024 Minifigure Speedway Delivered

Legoland Windsor
Monday 20th November 2023

Rollercoaster supports for Minifigure Speedway have been delivered to Legoland Windsor Resort!

Supports for the new rollercoaster are being stored in one of the car parks for the theme park. With the park open for Adventure Golf we spotted them in the distance and thought we'd take a closer look at Legoland's newest rollercoaster before it's built.

It's currently unknown if the rollercoaster has gone vertical yet but with lots of wood on the floor without anything on it. We think that the rollercoaster has gone vertical and we should be able to see some exciting progress when the park reopens for Christmas on Saturday 25th November.

We loved the black supports for the rollercoaster and can't wait to see the colour of the track and what the trains will look like. By looking at the supports it's now clear that the manufacturer is Zierer, which was also confirmed during the rollercoaster's announcement last week.