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Lift Chain Testing And Look Inside Maintenance Building

Thorpe Park
Tuesday 9th April 2024

Thorpe Park has posted an update about Hyperia in the Thorpe Park Annual Passholders Group on Facebook about the status of the trains and exclusive footage of the lift hill chain testing.

We could be less than 24 hours away from seeing the trains delivered on-site!

Small, but exciting Hyperia update Please note, we are not releasing details of the ride trains or testing ahead of time, but of course, we’re not far off now!

"We can exclusively reveal the lift chain successfully ran for the first time yesterday, which is a huge step forward in commissioning.

Taking a look inside the maintenance building, you may notice it's a little different to some other workshops as it doesn't feature a central track. This a common feature in modern Mack coasters, instead of sitting on the wheels, the trains are supported by the side of the train.

This takes the weight off of the running wheels and allows our engineers an unobstructed view of the wheel housing for daily inspections."

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