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Nemesis Track Complete Again

Alton Towers
Monday 13th November 2023

Yesterday was the last day of the 2023 season with the park open for a 5k and half marathon private buyout. And will be our last time seeing Nemesis until the ride reopens in 2024. No opening date has been set for the ride yet but with the track now complete we don’t think it will be long until the ride is tested and work developing the ride will be complete.

On the first day of the closed season, the final sections of the track were lifted into place. With the pathway into the park needing to be blocked off, it looks like the park was waiting for the closed season to put these final sections in. It would also appear that work on new pathways for the queue line for the rollercoaster has begun. Could the pathway around the whole of the rollercoaster finally be returning?!

The entrance tower for the ride has been enclosed in a temporary tent whilst new tentacles and theming are added to it. We can't wait to see what this structure is going to look like when the ride reopens.

Work on the station also continues with one of the sockets for one of the legs being rebuilt. The old single-rider queue line area is now themed rather than being a blank wall. With access doors now no longer blocked views into the area are now a bit more open. One last trip to the viewing platform we can't help but think this area is going to look even more different come March 2024.

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