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New For 2024 At Thorpe Park Big Easy Boulevard

Thorpe Park
Thursday 16th November 2023

Step Into Big Easy Boulevard and Let the Good Times Roll!🕺 Set to open in Spring 2024, take a stroll down Big Easy Boulevard and immerse yourself in the carefree atmosphere and exhilarating energy that fills the street. Here, life is a breeze as the locals have mastered the art of not taking things too seriously. It's the perfect place to let loose, seize the moment, and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family🎊

Experience Epic Thrills and Laughter-Packed Rides!😄 At the Freedom Firework Co. every day is the Fourth of July, so brace yourself for the ultimate adrenaline rush on Detonator, our drop tower ride that sends you plummeting 100ft to an epic finale!🎆 Fuel the fun on the Dodgems, our classic bumper car ride that guarantees laughter for the whole family😝

Don't Miss Out on the Sensory Delights at the Cinema!📽️ Immerse yourself in our awe-inspiring 4D movie at our Cinema where you'll be treated to a thrilling multi-sensory experience. Prepare to be transported into a captivating world of sights, sounds, and surprises with our new blockbuster🍿

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!🍭 What's a stroll down Big Easy Boulevard without indulging in the delectable delights of the neighbourhood?! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to 'CandyPips SweetEasy,' stacked from floor to ceiling with all the sweet treats your heart desires🧁

Join the Fun in 2024!😃 Embrace the thrilling adventure and vibrant energy of Big Easy Boulevard. Let the good times roll as you explore this lively neighbourhood and create cherished memories that will stay with you long after your visit

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