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Thorpe Park A Look Behind Closed Doors One Month Till Opening 2024

Thorpe Park
Thursday 22nd February 2024

The 2024 theme park season is just over a month away and Thorpe Park is preparing for its biggest season yet. Over the past few months, the park has been undergoing its normal yearly maintenance strip downs and checks of rides along with a massive project called Project Sparkle. Which has meant lots of repainting and extra work going on across the park.

With the main season just weeks away Thorpe Park invited us down to check out some of the hard work going on behind the scenes to get the park ready for the biggest season ever. With the park undergoing a rebrand during the closed season the first thing being changed as soon as we drove into the park was the entrance archway which is being repainted and over the next few weeks will also have the new logo applied to it.  The entrance plaza, security booths and entrance buildings have also received a lick of paint. All of the orange paint is gone and has been replaced with a new teal colour.

The big screen at the entrance to the park is receiving some work over the next few weeks. The screen is going to be repaired or replaced to fix these dead pixels.

On the bridge into the park, all of the signs are being replaced and the bridge is receiving a lick of paint to match the new brand colours.

Inside the dome, the coffee shop inside the dome is having work done to it. The surfboards are gone and the park is overhauling its appearance and rebranding it to fit in.

Exisiting the dome and looking out into the park it feels good to be back. Starting at Depth Charge, the ride has received a repaint over the past few weeks. The ride now has a dark blue colour rather than a pale blue.

Over at The Swarm, the area has been jet-washed and new permanent lights have been installed around the ride. At The Swarm toilets, the foot pedal taps have finally been removed and are being replaced.

The Flying Fish is still being reassembled with cars for the ride now back on the track but dotted around the station and the final curve of the rollercoaster.

A new bridge is in the process of being installed at Tidal Wave. But this isn't the only change happening. The station roof is being replaced, the splash pool has been repainted bright blue and it would appear that work on the fire effect is taking place. The flame effect looks to have been moved further away from the path, could we finally see the flame effect be turned on for the 2024 season? Roof panels for the new tidal wave bridge can be seen being repainted by Ghost Train.

The nearby KFC unit in Amity is also receiving some work done to it during the winter. Inside has been given a clean-up and is being rebranded over the next few weeks. The park have ensured us that the Amity theming pieces will remain, and will be enhanced.

New For 2024, Big Easy Boulevard is progressing well. With lots of repainting going on to replace Angry Birds Land. In Thorpe Park's last update, they showed us some of the repainting going on at Detotonator and for the new Sunset Cinema. The area looks fresh again and feels like new! Over at the Big Easy Bumpers, new theming is being installed at the exit. Work on rebranding the ride continues with new vinyls added to the bumper cars and new vinyls added to the top of the ride.

The theming for the Dobble Tea Party ride is back. The top of the attraction's structure was refreshed during the closed season this year.

Stealth has received a huge facelift this closed season. The sign on the entrance has been updated to show the correct launch speed time. But the park didn't stop there... all of the station has been repainted along with new themed signs added around the area. We loved the new murals added to the buildings, especially the one located on the race photography unit. New queue line TVs have also been installed, displaying content about what's new for 2024 at the park and some of the events you can find throughout the park. Over the next few weeks, the entrance tyre for Stealth is going to be refurbished.

At Nemesis Inferno, the ride could be seen testing throughout the day and part of the queue line for the ride is being replaced. The shop for the ride has also received work to it over the past few months with a new floor laid and the checkout for the unit moved to the exit. New screens have also been added to the queue line for Nemesis Inferno.

Big news for retro ride fans, Mr Monkey's Banana Ride has got its original sign back! The sign has been repainted and added back to the ride after being missing for 2 seasons.

Burger King in Old Town is receiving a huge facelift on the outside to fit in with the new Hyperia theming and sounding area. The toilet refresh appears to be progressing well. It's amazing how much more open this area feels with canopies removed to allow for more foot traffic.

Of course, we couldn't not talk about how amazing Hyperia looks but you can find that in a different article. We could speak about that for days...

With Black Mirror now no longer being an attraction at Thorpe Park work on removing the signs for the station will begin shortly. But it leaves us wondering... what's next for this space? It's a huge space for a new Fright Nights maze.

Work on resembling Samurai is continuing. With arms for the ride partly installed. One of the arms can be seen missing and still located on the ground. 

Colossus is looking fantastic! With half the ride repainted and more work going on at the entrance for the rollercoaster. The entrance archway for the rollercoaster is receiving new theming and has been fully repainted over the past few months. We can't wait to see what phase two might look like for Colossus's makeover. The recently rethemed beacons on the pillars around the ride look fantastic!

Rush has had its air towers repainted dark grey and the seats and restraints for the ride have been repainted and replaced. It's been a while since we've seen Rush look fresh like this. It's great to see the park taking care of older attractions. Engineers could be seen working on the ride throughout the day.

Another big change across the park is going to be Coke Freestyle Machines. All of the machines around the park are being upgraded for the 2024 season.

Thorpe Park is looking amazing and we can't wait to see what other changes might be in store during the season.

Thorpe Park opens for the 2024 season on Saturday 23rd March 2024.