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Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany is well known in the theme park community for having music produced by IMAscore and with the park opening a brand-new rollercoaster the TPG team visited to the park during our Europe road trip.

Unlike other theme parks we’ve visited before the park is laid out very differently. With a large entrance feature and a water fountain in the plaza you have to walk around a lot of the park to get anywhere. Which isn’t a bad thing as the streets and facades between the entrance and the rides are themed to the max! Themed a little like Main Street USA at a Disney theme park the parks theming is amazing. However, you can tell what parts of the park are newer than others. For example, you have Van Helsing’s Factory and Start Trek which both looks amazing! And then you’ve got a water rapids ride tucked away in the corner of the park. Although the ride hasn’t got a lot of theming the ride certainly packs a punch.

Opened in 1996 the park has over 40 attractions ranging from rollercoasters, rides and a walking dead walkthrough experience. Not knowing much about the park before our visit we were pleasantly surprised at how good the park was! The park has some amazing rides and unlike other parks they vary. One attraction that stuck out to us was The Lost Temple a motion simulator ride paired with a story. A little like Derren Browns Ghost Train or Hex the ride incorporates a story and a ride together.

Van Helsing’s Factory was a ride a lot of the team were eager to get on! Being a Gerstlauer rollercoaster we were fearful about the ride being painful however we were pleasantly surprised. Along with being extensively themed, the ride is also very smooth. Like with a lot of attractions at Movie Park Germany the experience starts as soon as you enter the queue line. In the queue line for Van Helsing’s Factory there’s a TV screen themed around a car, a truck jacked up on the side and fake hands and feet hanging from the ceiling with words written on the wall in UV paint. 

Previous to visiting the we were made aware of a Walking dead horror maze. Costing 5 euros the attraction doesn’t cost too much. Due to the price being so low we didn’t expect much from the maze. However, as soon as we stepped into the warehouse we were gobsmacked at the level of theming everywhere. We don’t want to spoil the maze however we all felt on edge during the maze, not knowing the layout or where the actors where goanna pop out was great! The acting quality, makeup and costumes was astounding.

New for 2017, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is a new Mack rollercoaster. With the ride themed around the popular franchise Star Trek theming for the ride is high. Just like other rides on park the ride follows suit to the series. With iconic rooms recreated within the queue line and ride. The best thing about the Star Trek area is the uniforms, we’ve seem some cool staff uniforms during our European tour but the Star Trek uniforms look great. The park has got every detail spot on. Everything else aside the new Star Trek ride looks amazing and is a great little coaster. Be interesting to see how the park manage with long queues for it in the summer.

Something Movie Park Germany have that most Merlin Parks don’t have are shows! Across the park during the day we saw three shows, one stunt action show, a singing show across the road from Time Riders and a street scene in the western area. What amazed us about the stunt action show is how free the actors are to perform. If a show like that was cloned and brought to the uk the amount of health and safety added to the show would be huge! The stunt show was amazing though. Even though we couldn’t understand the German dialogue the show was funny and easy to follow.

Across all of the parks that was visited during our trip the park merch at Movie Park Germany was the best. Their “wall of mugs” was literal as it sounded. All film related in some manor the items you could buy in the shop where quite cool.  

Movie Park Germany is well worth a trip if you’re ever passing through the area. We thoroughly enjoyed our self’s and with the addition of Star Trek: Operation Enterprise we’re excited to see what the park adds next.