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National Justice Museum Fright Nights


Located in the city of Nottingham is the National Justice Museum. Known as a haunted location, often ghost hunters brave the site to see if they can encounter any spiritual activity.

During our visit, we may not be guaranteed to see any actual apparitions but definitely we would see those made to look like them because we were attending the museum's Fright Nights event. A revamp of last year's event that was called Terror Tours, Fright Nights is a 25 minutes experience that sees us exploring the museum at night, including the historical County Gaol, which is unsettling, even during the day…

We arrived at the building slightly earlier as we decided to partake in the offer to upgrade to an alcoholic beverage on arrive for an extra £3 and enjoyed our drink in the foyer, which was illuminated in a mysterious green light. After finishing our drinks and chatting amongst ourselves by a set of stairs the lights suddenly turned off and the whole group was plunged into darkness

*Clunk* *Thud* *Clunk*

We look at the top of the stairs where we can just make out a figure lurking at the top, struggling to carry something so chose to drag it along the ground and down the stairs.

As this figure made his way down the stairs, he muttered various expletives as he was lumbering his large bag which was revealing it's true nature the closer and closer he got towards us. He arrived at the bottom of the stairs and turned to check his next path to take, except rather than him seeing a nice, empty room, he sees a group of puzzled travelers wondering what the man's intentions are…

It is at this point we now understand what the man was carrying, a human body wrapped in cloth. The man explained his intentions were good and he knew the corpse very well and wanted to give her a proper burial and explained he wasn't like those "no good" grave robbers roaming around this time of year. After asking one of the group to help carry the body in the next room, a courtroom where we were told many a dissection had occurred in the name of scientific discovery!

It was then, when the night started to ramp up as we were led into the cold, and terrifying County Gaol (or Jail to you and me) but the rest of the experience, I will spare the details, in case you are looking to visit, but we had a great experience at the National Justice Museum, and for the first night of the revamp they put on a brilliant show.

The scares were well performed and managed to get us in quite a few places, the actors especially scared those who were clearly new to scare experiences and for a first-timer it could be a rather intense experience.

My only criticism is that the story from the first part of the evening with the (definitely not) grave robbers was brilliant and added a real sense of unnerving and tension, however, after that the story lost its way somewhat and even though there were bits you could link together, it was never expressed towards the guest.

The small criticism, however, is something that can be improved on from the original experience and if they decide to put on the event next year I'm sure it will be improved from a solid foundation that was placed down this year.

The event has been running every other Saturday from 28th September through to 16th November with special dates added for Halloween night. Tickets cost £10.95 per person which we think is a great price for the experience you get.