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The Falconer's Quest at Warwick Castle


Join Warwick's Falconer on an exciting journey as he travels the world in search of rare and exotic birds to add to Warwick's collection.

New for 2019, The Falconer's Quest is a 35-minute Birds of Prey show that is located by the water of the River Avon.

The story begins as the main character emerges on the other side of the river and makes their way across via a barge that is located on the river itself. The narrator of the show explains that the main character wants to become a great falconer, however, unlike most, he was raised by a farmhand rather than an illustrious line of falconer's, however his ambitious and determination more than makes up for that as they set out there goal to travel the world finding wonderous birds of prey to bring back to the Warwick castle grounds.

The main character starts their journey and encounters the first bird of prey, a white barn owl. At this point, the barn owl flies over the guest's heads, swooping and gliding around whilst the ambitious young falconer watches in amazement. Throughout the show, more birds are discovered and begin flying over above the crowd, at some points during the show we could even feel the birds brushing past our hair!

The show demonstrates a wide variety of birds, including but not limited to:

- Andean Condor

- Bald Eagle

- Peregrine Falcon 

- Bearded Vulture

All of these birds were impressive to watch on there own, however, during each of the birds flying sequences, the narrator explains some of the bird's characteristics, making the show as educational as it is enjoyable.

The main star of the show was the Peregrine Falcon, who according to the handler we spoke to after the show traveled at up to 120MPH during the fastest part of the show, however, as impressive as we thought this was, we were then told the fastest speed recorded by a Peregrine Falcon is 240MPH so these birds can really move when they want to.

The best part of the show had to be the mightily impressive finale, as a large multitude of birds flew out of the boathouse in front of us and filled the sky, whilst also gliding over the guests.

These birds of prey were absolutely mesmerizing to watch, and we thought the whole of the show was brilliantly structured, with a captivating storyline and of course, spectacular birds. We highly recommend visiting Warwick Castle to see this show began performing from the 6th April and runs on selected dates throughout the season until 3rd November.