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Thorpe Park GameFX

From 6th April to 31st May 2019 Thorpe Park have created a gaming event like no other, powered by HYPD, a company who specialised in gaming news, as well as hosting various gaming events across the country. Grab your mates and pick up a game controller and battle it out to see who will come out on top.

Practice your eSports (competitive gaming) skills across multiple consoles and games, immerse yourself in nostalgia as you reignite your childhood in the retro gaming area and defy your senses and push yourself to the limit as you engage with the latest virtual reality tech.

GameFX is located within the event marquee next to Flying Fish and The Swarm, the event features games consoles ranging from state of the art systems like XBOX, Playstation’s and classic systems like Nintendo 64’s, PS2’s and GameCube, as well as many more. 

GameFX features the HYPD Legends Arena, a competitive gaming zone where you can play and compete with your friends and others, and some of the gameplay from the consoles can then be seen on the large screen in the middle of the tent. Compete for fun or play head to head for prizes such as merchandise or T-Shirts (there is an extra charge for taking part in the competitions)

Virtual Reality also plays a big part in GameFX, although a £5 additional charge, Supplied to the event by Player Ready, Virtual reality is a must do experience and we highly recommend you trying it out if you visit the event. There are eight VR stands at the event so we recommend doing these as one of the first things at GameFX before it becomes too busy.

For those who haven't tried it before, Virtual Reality provides a completely immersive environment and makes you feel part of the game, in fact, quite a few of the games we played on the night really had us feeling uneasy, whether we were walking on a plank that hangs off a skyscraper or having to deal with clowns and spiders. If that sounds too intense,  there are also calmer experiences available such as being able to draw multidimensional masterpieces.

Although GameFX is an event based on video games, we think there will be something that everyone will enjoy, as the event features a wide range of games, from modern hits such as Fornite and FIFA, to classic games like Simpsons Hit and Run, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. If you are worried about your kids playing games that they shouldn't, don't worry as the event is family friendly so there are no horror games or games over the age rating of 15+. 

It must be expressed that also those TPG members who attended tonight are not avid players of video games in general, we really enjoyed our time at GameFX due to the wide range of games and activities available. We would highly recommend visiting Thorpe Park's website and getting tickets to be able to enter the GameFX tent.

GameFX launches Saturday 6th April 2019 and will be at Thorpe Park Resort for the next eight weeks until May 31st.