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Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi Grand Opening

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is the world’s first Warner Bros themed theme park. Opened on 25th July 2018 the park is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Based upon famous Warner Bros Cartoons the park pays homage to some of the classics such as Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones and many more as well as including new movies and characters such as Green Lantern and Superman. 

The park is based inside a custom built warehouse with air con throughout to protect guests from the extreme heat of Abu Dhabi. One of the first things we think of when we read “Warehouse” is an ugly building with no theming. However, one of the best attributes of Warner Bros World is that the whole building is themed, inside and out! The outside of the building is covered with a gold colour mesh with black outlines of characters from the Warner Bros Company.  

The park is split up into six areas; Warner Bros Plaza, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch, Cartoon Junction, Gotham City, and Metropolis. What’s nice about Warner Bros World is that there’s something for everyone! If you like DC you have Gotham City and Metropolis and if you love cartoons and animation the rest of the park is perfect for you. 

From rollercoasters, flat rides and play areas for kids the park has it all. It’s good to see old programs like The Flintstones and Tom and Jerry return to the public eye. Many of the parents or older guests visiting the park will remember spending hours in front of the TV when they were younger watching these characters. Some of the rides in the park are defiantly a trip down memory lane. 

Just like being at Disney, Warner Bros World has many meet and greet opportunities. From meeting cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry to The Joker and Harley Quinn, the park has many fantastic opportunities to meet your favourite characters. One thing we liked was the staff member taking the photos would offer to take the same photos on your phone rather than trying to force you to buy the picture they’ve just taken. Of course, all meet and greets are subject to availability and all of the character meet and greets can be found on the park map.

Warner Bros World has 20 rides and attractions however only 3 of them are rollercoasters. An Intamin family coaster, a Zamperla spinning coaster and a Zamperla disk'o coaster. We’ve said above that the park ranges in rides from roller coasters to flat rides but some standout rides have to be the Scooby-Doo Museum of Mysteries due to the fact it has three possible routes it can take and the beautiful theming inside the ride. The Flintstones River Ride Adventure is also another cool attraction; the ride is themed log flume. Floating down Bedrock, you come across all of the characters from the program before splashing down into the finale.

One of the stand out rides for us was The Ridders Revolution, the Zamperla disk'o coaster. Other Disk’o coasters we’ve seen around the world have been plain and boring and have been installed without a lot of thought about theming the ride. However, at Warner Bros World the ride feels more of a finished package. With lights on the ride car, music and a lighting show around the ride. The whole thing ties together nicely and was more of an experience from start to finish. 

There are four shows located in the park, Warner Bros Cinema Spectacular, The Joker’s Surprise Party, DC Super Heroes in Training and Meet Bugs (And Daffy). While we were at the park we saw all of the shows and our favourite by far was the Meet Bugs and Daffy show. Entertaining for kids and some jokes for adults, the costumes and setup of the whole show was stunning. All of the shows are free however a ticketed time slot must be retrieved to see the Meet Bugs and Daffy show. 

The park has a really high standard from theming, which is exactly what you would expect from the Warner Brothers brand. From the small things such as park lighting. For example, in one area the lights are themed around fluffy clouds. The rides are also themed to an incredible standard; we understand that this park is still new, but everything looked amazing. It will be interesting to see how new and shiny everything looks in a few years’ time. 

As with all theme parks, the merchandise is something that enthusiasts and the public want to buy to show off their visit. The merchandise at Warner Bros World is reasonably priced, and there are lots of shops on park all with different and unique items for sale. For the grand opening of the park, there was limited edition Mugs, Pin Badges, and Magnets for sale. Food inside the park ranges from your standard American food to Curries and Rice Dishes. Whatever your food taste is your find something good to eat! 

We’re excited to see how the park progresses in the next few years. Warner Bros World is in the perfect location for tourists and the area around it has lots of free space if they wanted to expand. We think the park is going to be a big hit. We don’t think it will ever hold any world record-breaking rides like Ferrari World does but it’s a lovely park to visit with friends and family. We Thoroughly enjoyed our visits to the park. 

That’s all folks!