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Drive Around Safari

The safari drive-through is a 4-mile long self-drive course and is split into 5 different areas; African Plains, Wild Asia, Carnivores, The Borderlands and Elephants.  Throughout the drive you can experience it at your own pace, stopping for photos throughout. 

In the African Plains, you come face to face with some of Africas largest animals from Girffaes to Ankole cattle and Zebras to name a few. As we mentioned earlier you can feed some of these animals, but Zebra are on the list you can't feed. Clear signs are around the park signalling which animals can be fed. In Wild Asia and Asian Lowlands, you come face to face with a selection of deer, antelope as well as some wild camels.

In most of the Safari park, you can have your windows half-open on a hot day, however, in some sections you have to keep your doors locked and windows closed. You wouldn't want a wild lion or tiger climbing into your car! Drive through the homes of Tigers, Cheetahs, African painted dogs and the king of the wild, African Lions. During our Safari, we had to stop our car multiple times to let packs of lions cross the road. We don't think they would have reacted well to someone trying to jump ahead! The number of times we were both gobsmacked at how close we were to these beautiful animals.