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World of Jumanji One Month On
Thursday 15th June 2023
The World Of Jumanji at Chessington World of Adventures has been open for 1 month now so we wanted to take a second to look back at the huge difference this new area has made to the skyline of the park and what changes have taken place since the area opened on 15th May 2023.  

In the first photo there’s a comparison of what the area looked like just a year and a half ago. A picnic filed left empty with the remains of the summer beach. During the summer months this field was full with family’s having picnics and relaxing in the sun. Now the area is totally unrecognisable, transformed into World of Jumanji this space is now home to a brand new B&M rollercoaster along with two new flat rides.  

What’s changed around the area?  

Not much but we’ve noticed a few bits around the area. Starting off in the entrance portal, signs can be seen advertising that Mandrill Mayhem is operating on a virtual queue system. Guests must scan a QR code and join a virtual queue for the new roller-coaster.  

Plants around the area are growing nicely, it wont be long until the outside of the area looks like a jungle. Inside the area, we feel like more plants are needed!  

New paper presses similar to the ones found around Shipwreck Coast last year have been installed around the area. These look to be part of a game where you explore the area, stamp a card and redeem a prise at the end.  

The food truck located opposite Ostrich Stampede has received a new sign.  

The test seat for Mandrill Mayhem has been installed outside the entrance for the roller-coaster. 

The gem in the statue for Mandrill Mayhem now lights up green when the train reaches the top and guests shout “Jumanji”

In the queue for Mandrill Mayhem, speakers that where left exposed under the jaguar statue have been enclosed in themed boxes.  

The second launch for Mandrill Mayhem has had a new path created, tarmac has been installed to help level out the ground. This is to help evacuate the ride in the chance of the ride stopping and a manual evacuation needed.  

Walking into the bazar, a new sign advertising the location of the Jumanji shop have been installed.  

In the station for Mandrill Mayhem, luggage boxes have been installed and at the exit signs have been installed saying “No Running”  

New themed bins where installed however have since been removed and seem to have been replaced with regular bins.  


All small changes but it helps enhance the experience. We can’t wait to see this area grow over the next few years.  

Happy 1st month of operating World of Jumanji!  


World of Jumanji Officially Opens
Monday 15th May 2023
Today, Chessington World of Adventures Resort opens its gates to the much anticipated attraction, World of Jumanji. The world’s first Jumanji themed land brings Sony Pictures’ box office hit film franchise to life in Chessington’s wildest adventure yet for families, with the world’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, two additional rides and much more.

World of Jumanji in numbers

Chessington’s single largest investment in its history is a feat of engineering, with 144 tonnes of steel track bringing to life the world’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, Mandrill Mayhem – the equivalent weight of 96 hippos.

In the time it’s taken to construct/build World of Jumanji, you could have watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 1,368 times.

Following in the footsteps of the film series’ intrepid characters, guests have the opportunity to locate the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel, lift the curse and save Jumanji, in an ongoing series of heart pounding family adventures found within the new land.

Three new rides

The first adventure, Mandrill Mayhem, is a winged, launch, shuttle rollercoaster, with Chessington’s first inversion. Riders from just 1.2m tall, are swept up in the long arms of a mandrill only to be flipped upside down at 42 miles per hour while dodging the hazards of the jungle and spiralling to the summit of the 55ft tall Jaguar Shrine. Sound fun!? How about falling and braving the whole adventure again, this time travelling backwards!

Next up, dodge the fangs of the black mamba on a dizzying, untameable ride in the bazaar, Mamba Strike, which has riders soaring into the sky before swooping back down again. Continue the adventure, swerving a herd of stampeding ostriches on a whirlwind ride in the dunes on Ostrich Stampede.

Alongside three new rides, families encounter other Jumanji-themed activities, including a maze of pathways reminiscent of the boardgame in the 1996 film. To keep adventurers fuelled, there’s themed refreshments in the Bazaar… but there’s no cake!

Themed Hotel bedrooms

Those who wish to extend their stay – although in a little more comfort than the movie franchises’ courageous characters - can spend a night in one of six NEW World of Jumanji themed bedrooms at the Chessington Safari Hotel.

Scott O’Neil, CEO of Merlin Entertainments, which operates Chessington, said:

“Whether you are a fan of the films, a fan of rollercoasters or are looking to take your family adventures to The Next Level, the amazing World of Jumanji is ready to welcome all ‘those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind’. Years in the making by the best teams in the business and full of ‘firsts’, we can’t wait to share the adventures within World of Jumanji. And, with Chessington’s first inversion we know that we have created an experience that will turn seasoned enthusiasts - and a new generation of rollercoaster fans - upside down.”

Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management and Head of Location Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment, added:

“We are excited to have collaborated on a global scale with top tier industry talent at Merlin Entertainments and Chessington World of Adventures Resort for this achievement. The Jumanji franchise has generations of fans who can now enjoy the story in a whole new way. The opening of World of Jumanji will provide a unique thrilling experience for all adventurers for many years to come.”

Stay In The World Of Jumanji At Chessington World Of Adventures
Saturday 13th May 2023
If the World Of Jumanji wasn’t immersive enough, you can now stay in a bedroom in the Chessington World of Adventures hotel themed to the new area.

Drop into your own jungle themed room, complete with Jumanji themed gifts if you can crack the code to the safe, games to play in the room. Your first challenge is to work out how to turn on the game and light up the jewel.

Located on the top floor of the Chessington Hotel, you enter through a themed portal into your mini version of The World Of Jumanji. Inside the rooms is a fantastic mix of vinyl wallpaper complete with 3D props. Above the double bed is a version of the jaguar found within the area, and yes even the jewel lights up! Even the bathroom is full of wildlife, be careful what hides behind the shower curtain.

When staying in The World Of Jumanji rooms you also get a Fastrack to ride all 3 new rides in the Jumanji area. This is currently the only way to guarantee access to all 3 rides. With Mandrill Mayhem only having a virtual queue, it will be first come first served.

Bookings for the World of Jumanji bedrooms can be made via the Chessington website.

Final Look At World Of Jumanji Before It Opens To The Public
Monday 8th May 2023
In just 7 days' time, Chessington's newest area called World Of Jumanji will open its doors to the public. We’ve followed this project since it was a design on a set of plans, just a field full of grass and now it’s a fully themed area. With a world-class rollercoaster and two flat rides, along with beautiful theming and more surprises to be found along the way.

We thought we’d take one last look at the area before it opens next Monday to the public.

Since our last look at the new area, entrance signs have been installed for all of the attractions in the area. Along with ride restrictions boards, and digital queue time signs. The signs for each attraction are very unique and are very different from each other. No boring vinyl signs here!

Around the entire area, lots of plants have been installed transforming the area into a jungle.

Lots of speakers have also been installed around the area. At the beginning of the day, we could hear music testing for the area with an announcement going off at the entrance portal every 10 minutes. Saying welcome to the area and fun little games and facts from doctor bravestone.

At the entrance into the area, the entrance portal has been themed and a sign installed welcoming you into The World Of Jumanji. Even during the day today work was continuing to finish the structure with vines being fitted to it. Sticking to the artwork, in the top corners of the entrance portal signs have been added. It’s all about the small details!

Digital signage has been added to one of the food and beverage units which appears to still be a work in progress with test text added to it. But it gives us a glimpse as to what food you will be able to buy within the area.

There’s lots of cool new theming added to the area since our last trip such as “Warning Mandrills” within the station and the addition of white Talley marks added within the op console of the ride.

On the grass verge near Ostrich Stampede, a sign has been added saying “It's A Stampede” which can be seen when queuing for the ride.  

The bazaar area also looks beautiful from what we can see from the path. We can see this area being very photogenic. A new photo wall for trip photos to Chessington!

Looking for a drink? Another Coke Freestyle unit has been installed in the area. Just look out for the rustic Coke sign and the gas pumps.  We wonder if there will be a limited edition Jumanji-themed bottle.

The pathway previously used for Vile Villagers has also reopened. Revealing a new view of the new area not seen for a few months. The back side of the station isn’t themed but over time when the plants grow this should be too much of an issue.

Join us Saturday from 2 pm as we live blog and document the press launch of The World Of Jumanji.

World Of Jumanji April 2023 Update
Saturday 8th April 2023
It's been a busy few weeks at Chessington, creatives and workers have been working behind the scenes to finish the area before it opens on May 15th 2023.

Since our last look at the World Of Jumanji, lots of trees and planting have been installed turning the area into a jungle.

All of the green fences blocking views into the area have been removed, at the first weekend of the season a few bits of the green wall were still left standing.

Work on the bazaar market area continues with the games stand almost finished and windows installed.

The snake theming at Mamba Strike has been enclosed by a wicker basket.

More queue line for Mandrill Mayhem has been installed and work on installing the queue for Ostrich Stampede is underway. A queue time board bracket has also been installed outside the entrance for Ostrich Stampede.

Theming around Mandrill Mayhem consists of many trees and plants, however, we've spotted a leg chopper effect has been installed around the circuit near the second launch for the ride. Located on both sides of the track, some spikes coming out of the ground have been installed. 

World Of Jumanji Inches Closer To Opening
Thursday 23rd March 2023
The World Of Jumanji inches closer to opening every launch cycle of Mandril Mayhem! The countdown is on for the opening day of the area which officially opens on 15th May 2023.

This is our first time back in the park for the 2023 theme park season and we were shocked to see almost all of the construction fences down for the new area.

At the beginning of the day, the rollercoaster was seen testing by multiple people but unfortunately by the time we managed to walk down to the rid it had stopped testing. However, we did manage to get some photos and videos of Ostirch Stampede testing for the first time!

The area looks fantastic, during the meet the marker event, John Burton said that only 4% of planting had been completed at the time. Since then more plants have been installed around the area. Some palm trees can be seen in some of the photos waiting to be installed.

There's lots of work going on around the area so we thought we would try bullet point the more major things happening.

-The queue line for Mandrill Mayhem has started to be installed.

-Fences for Ostrich Stampede have been installed. The wall is yet to be themed but it should be done soon!

-It doesn't look like Mamba Strike has tested yet. All of the plastic wrapping for the ride can still be seen.

-The bazaar area looks to be progressing well. With some games installed in one of the units.  

Mandrill Mayhem Train Theming Installed And Last Closed Season Insight
Tuesday 14th March 2023
Chessington is preparing for its biggest season in a long time, with the opening of World of Jumanji opening on May 15th and the theme park reopening Thursday 23rd March.

Since our last look at the World Of Jumunji during the meet the maker tour, lots has changed including the installation of the mandril heads on the trains, more theming has been installed, and a jeep has been installed. A huge entrance feature for Mandril Mayhems queue line has been installed, including posts for the queue line for the rollercoaster. Unforcetnly we didn't we get to see the ride testing on Sunday but the site was definitely alive with workers checking the launch fins on the second launch near the jaguar theming element.

With the opening date for World Of Jumanji now announced signage around the park has also been updated.  

In the areas open to the public during the zoo days, we've noticed lots have changed to improve the appearance of the park. Including new signage on the entrance archway into the park, the entrance plaza has also been re-pathed along with a lick of paint and some dark green animals added to buildings. The dount shop as you exit the park has also been given a lick of paint over the past few weeks.

Over at the mini stage, a new animal topiary is being installed along with the flooring for the show venue being replaced. In Shipwrecked Coast, sea storm is still in the process of being put back together, and the foundations for Trawler Trouble are still being remade. The boat and ride mechanics can still be seen sitting in the courtyard near The Gruffalo.

Inside Adventure Point the compass in the middle of the area has been updated with World Of Junaji added to it along with Shipwrecked Coast which was new for 2022. The sweet shop is also having work done to it with a new patio area being built, is this the end of Ben and Jerry's for Chessington? New signage can also be seen advertising Coke freestyle refill stations being based inside the sweet shop. During our adventures, we managed to fine a refill station near Croc Drop, Room on the broom and the sweet shop. There will of course be more locations around the park.

The old Chessington water wheel has also been replaced during the closed season. Rocks around the area have now been repainted to fit in, it won't be long until this pond is filled up again and the water wheel is once again working.

Tiny Truckers has been put back together, with a Mack Rides box spotted in the window. The painting of Dragons Fury looks to have finished, with a grey section still left above Tiny Truckers.

The mane stage has received a new green sign and banners have been added to the stage for one of the shows performed daily.

Work on Dragons Fury continues with the cars for the ride spotted around the area. With some wrapped up and one is on the track ready for testing. The old maintenance shed for the ride has also been replaced with a huge new purpose-built maintenance building. All is still work in progress but it should be finished by opening day.

Tiger Rock has finished its closed-season maintenance with the trough and lake refilled. The ride was also seen testing throughout our visit, no guests yet but it won't be long now.

In Wild Asia, it looks like the Banyan tree in the centre has had some work done to it. The entranceway into the area also still remains under scaffolding. No news on what they are doing but during the meet-the-maker tour a few weeks ago the structure was just steel. So it could be a complete rebuild?

It won't be long until Chessington reopens! And we can't wait to see all of the changes that have happened around the park. 

Mandrill Mayhem Begins Testing
Saturday 18th February 2023
Big news coming out of Chessington this evening, Mandrill Mayhem the new B&M rollercoaster has begun testing and commissioning!

More photos and videos coming soon...

UPDATED 19th February - more photos and information

The first test began at 15:22pm when the train was launched backwards up the spike and then rolled back into the break run outside the station. Met with a huge gasp as we all watched on this might sound like not much but this is a huge step forward for the World Of Jumanji.

The train then reserved in and out of the station a few times as engineers worked out what we expect to be parking sensors and other technical bits.

We shared our video on social media last night but what we didn't say was that later in the evening the train completed the full layout, up the spike, through the inversion and up the helix!

The ride was only testing going up the spike 3/4 times and as we were about to give up and go home we waited for one final launch which just happened to be a full circuit test. The sounds this rollercoaster makes when it's testing is amazing, from what we can hear it doesn't sound like the ride is sand filed like other new B&Ms? The track doesn't have round holes in it like The Swarm at Thorpe Park does.

Very exciting times at Chessington! 

Mandrill Mayhem Track Completed
Saturday 28th January 2023
The track for Mandrill Mayhem is complete! The spike has been installed and the rollercoaster circuit is complete... kinda. Of course, with this new rollercoaster being a shuttle coaster it can only run one train due to it not being a full-circle track layout.

With the track now fully installed the bases of each support can now be concreted in to stop them from moving, this is left to last to make sure the supports can move a little bit if needed.  

Work on installing theming elements within the station appears to be progressing well with bamboo added to the console building and the tree we spotted last week now has more detailing on it. It would appear that work on installing lighting in the station has also begun, with lights spotted hanging from the ceiling.  

Across the rest of the ride, theres lots going on such as the installation of fences and probably so much more that we can't see from public and open areas. It would appear that a tarmac path has been installed in a section of the area, it was previously believed that the area might have themed concrete floors.

In the site compound more metal work for a new building can be spotted, with site access now closed off now the spike has been installed we're unsure where this building is for. Upon looking at the test seat again, part of the packaging has become ripped and the vest part of the restraint is now visible. A dark colour brown vest can be seen, its unknown, if these vests will lock like The Swarm, does as never B&M rides that have vests in the restraints don't lock.

The fake ends of the track look amazing. Onto the next stage of construction, wiring up the rollercoaster and then testing!

Progress Continues Around World Of Jumanji
Saturday 21st January 2023
It's the middle of January and work on installing the track for Mandrill Mayhem is still ongoing. Work for the World Of Jumanji is progressing well with the first bits of theming in the rollercoaster station now visible, a huge tree can be seen through the structure. Along with this new tree, it would appear the metalwork in the station has been painted brown to fit in more.

Inside the site compound, air gates for the rollercoaster station can be seen waiting to be installed. Along with the rides test seat which will be located at the entrance to the ride.

Around the rest of the site, more trees and plants have been installed. By the second launch and large pole has been installed for what we believe will become the on-ride photo point for the rollercoaster. Fences have been installed by the second launch. The outline of the area is starting to become more apparent with each update. It would appear that the Jumanji area will also have a themed floor, materials for making indentments in concrete can be seen by the maintenance building.

The back board for Mamba Strike has alos been isntalled, the theming for this doesnt appear to be completed yet!

A white frame used for clearance testing can also be seen on-site near the second launch section. This is used to make sure that riders cannot touch theming or objects when riding around the coaster.

With full details for the area revealed a few days ago, posters advertising the area have been installed around the park and on the gates of the park.