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Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2024 Speculation

Thorpe Park
Monday 1st July 2024

Fright Nights 2024 is just around the corner, with this year's event starting on 4th October 2024. Starting in 95 days, it’s time to turn our attention to this year's lineup and what could be returning and being replaced.

It's worth noting that all of this article is speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet.

Marketing for Fright Nights 2024 hasn't begun yet but a poster advertising the event can be seen in the ticket turnstyles area.

When will we hear something about Fright Nights 2024? 
Last year the full lineup was announced on Thursday 31st August. So we’ve still got some time until we will know all the details but it's time to start keeping an eye out for movement and rumours.

What are the dates of Fright Nights 2024? 
Fright Nights 2024 runs from 4th-6th, 11th-13th and 17th Oct - 3rd Nov
Information correct as of 1st July 2024 – please check the Thorpe Park website for the latest news  

Will we see a new logo for Fright Nights 2024? 
Almost definitely! With the resort rebranding for 2024, we think it's time Fright Nights got a fancy new logo.

Do we think Hyperia will have live actors or a show? 
Hyperia will be open for night rides but we don’t think the area will receive anything special for Fright Nights as it doesn’t fit the theme.

First up, what could be new for 2024? 
With Black Mirror Labyrinth now removed from the park's line up we believe this location could be home to a new maze for this year's Fright Nights lineup. Work on removing the maze started a few weeks ago, with the signage for the maze removed above the building and spotted on the floor outside. Skips can also be seen in the queue line for Slammer which could be for the removal of the ride or the old Black Mirror attraction.

4 Mazes For 2024?
With Stitches new for 2023, the lineup of Horror Mazes at the park is looking good! With 3 mazes for 2023, could 2024 be the first year the park returns to more mazes and we get 4 mazes for the year? We think so! The park has spent a lot of money in the past few years on building permanent mazes instead of temporary pop-up ones. This space is prime for a new maze, with its rich history of housing legendary mazes such as Cabin in the Woods, Hell Gate, The Passing and others.

But what theme could this year’s maze be if we get one? 
The past few years the park has focused on the “disciples of fear” Last year's character was “The Toymaker” who brought a toy shop to life. What would we like to see next would be something with the crow's character and maybe the Amity and Lycan characters together in one storyline. With Creature Campus joining three schools and introducing the witches last year we think a high school party-themed maze could work well. With a twist in the middle where the students spike a punch bowl at a party and a virus turns them into the crows? A real murder on the dance floor… 
Why do we think we will get a new maze in 2024?
The park has heavily invested in Firhgt Nights over the past few years, with new shows and mazes keeping the event fresh. Since 2020, 3 new mazes have completely changed the Fright Nights lineup. And with work happening at Black Mirror, we think it's highly likely we will get a new maze this year.

What do we think will return for 2024:

Stitches – Stitches will almost definitely return for 2024 Fright Nights but possibly in a new location. With the Olympics being shown on a screen in the new legacy plaza running until 11th August, the turnaround time to set up a tent and rebuild the tent and set. It would be a tight turnaround! But where could it go? We think this attraction could easily be built on the beach. One side of the beach has remained empty and has not been used for a few years now. We think given time, this space will be removed and reused for another attraction of Fright Nights/events space.

Lucifer's Lair – The roaming and fire show last year was a huge hit. We think this will return but with a twist for 2024. “The Return of Lucifer's Lair” maybe…

Creature Campus – A stage show in the Stealth plaza has become a staple of Fright Nights and with the introduction of the Witches in 2023, we think we might lose one of the two schools, Amity or the Lycans. 
Survival Games – Very strong chances of returning but we don’t think anything will change inside.

Trailers - Almost definitely returning, but possibly it's last year? Or if not some big changes will be made inside the maze. With Carnival not returning for the 2024 summer season, the park has a chance to change some of these rooms and reintroduce some old Fright Nights characters. Maybe the buckwheats could have their own space. We think it's likely the park will spend some time and money on this maze to refresh older rooms. The lighting strips around the entrance archway for the maze have been tapped up and signs for the queue line remain in place.

Crows of Mawkin Meadow – The Crows scare zone was a fan favourite last year with the scare zone returning almost double the size and working on the story for the attraction. We look forward to seeing if the Crows return this year and how the story has progressed.

Deaths Doors – We’re not sure on if Deahs Doors will be back for this year, the concept of the attraction is great but unfortunately, the Thorpe Park guests have an issue knocking on doors and messing around. We think this attraction could be up for a retheme and reworking of how it works. We think something will be built in the space between Nemesis Inferno and the arcade but not sure what yet.


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