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Alton Towers June 28th 2024 Resort Update

Alton Towers
Friday 28th June 2024

Latest Resort Update from Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort...

As we reach the halfway point of 2024, I wanted to share the latest happenings around the resort.

Firstly, I’m really proud of the developments and experiences we continue to introduce to the Resort. This year has already seen the introduction of Track Walks, VIP Nemesis Reborn events, and new packages to help people enjoy a unique way to experience Alton Towers. All have seen huge demand and great feedback. We've also made strides in sustainability with the installation of new EV Charging Points and solar panels, reflecting our commitment to a greener future, as well as the introduction of our latest Sensory Space to support our guests with additional needs. This was off the back of our significant investment over the winter period to enhance the overall Resort experience, from our tech and special effects to refreshed spaces and areas. I am incredibly proud of all these advancements to date as well as our continued ambition to introduce even more new elements.

This week we have announced the arrival of our Iconic House and Gardens Tour as part of our new 2024 VIP experiences, which has seen a great take up. We recognise not everyone who comes to the Resort is a thrillseeker and in 2024 we re-opened guest access to Her Ladyship Gardens. Since, we have been looking at how we develop more heritage-led experiences that enable everyone get something out of their visit.

We recognise that the Towers were once accessible throughout the season for people to wander around at leisure. As passionate custodians of such an incredibly historic and iconic building, it is our ambition to ensure that it is maintained and cared for accordingly. Sadly, allowing people to roam freely comes with risks and challenges around misdemeanour and unauthorised access to areas signposted as not open to the public (mostly due to uneven surfaces, dimly lit spaces, and aging artefacts). As many of you will know, as a Listed building it is not possible to simply install lots of CCTV or erect new permanent lockable doors for example. We have to operate within the parameters associated with listed buildings and respect their existing features. However, we know there is a real desire to explore these spaces and we want people to be still able to share in our fantastic history. We feel these new guided tours help make this possible.

We are continually investing into the buildings and artefacts of historical importance at the Resort. In the last 5 years, we have invested millions, including the replacement of the prestigious stained-glass window of the Banqueting Hall, Choragic Monument and Scalloped Wall nestled within our Grade II Listed gardens. It is fantastic to be able to showcase these as part of the two-hour tour experience. Over the coming years, we will continue to invest in our heritage, preserving it for generations to come. This tour will only aid this ambition further. We have placed a small charge for the tours (£10) for the guided element of experience that will be led by some of our colleagues, who have been learning all about the history of the Towers and our Gardens in preparation for the launch. For those set to join us for a tour, I very much hope you have a fantastic time delving into our history. Like all new experiences, we will continue to review what we are able to offer.

Staying with our iconic Towers. HEX: The Legend of the Towers has been under extended maintenance to bring you some thrilling changes. We know you are keen to know what we have been up to. So, it felt the right time to showcase the work we’ve been doing and answer some of the questions we've been asked with a video update especially for you, our fans! We hope this will answer some of your key questions and help get you as excited as us for its return:

Finally, as we continue to strive for excellence, we've seen remarkable achievements across the resort. Our recent ‘Best of the Best’ recognition from TripAdvisor, based on guest reviews, has been a huge boost for colleagues as we continue to strive to create memorable experiences for our guests. As you are aware, feedback is hugely important to me and my team. It is something we review regularly, alongside our colleague feedback, in-house experience, and expertise. Many of the changes I have mentioned in this update have been as a result of us taking on guest views alongside our own future ambitions for the Resort.

Looking ahead, as summer progresses, we're gearing up for more CBeebies Land 10th anniversary celebrations as well as our much-anticipated events across Autumn. I very much hope you can join us. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to creating more unforgettable memories with you at Alton Towers Resort.

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