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Wolf Legend New For 2024 At Gardaland

Wednesday 12th June 2024

In a blaze of fireworks, with a square packed with visitors, the 2024 attraction was officially inaugurated: Wolf Legend, a Drop & Twist Tower for thrill-seeking families and daredevils of all ages, a highly immersive, one-of-a-kind adventure, capable of capturing the imagination and excitement of several generations.

The eye-catching attraction, open for the whole season in the heart of the Park, was launched for the public by Gardaland's CEO Sabrina de Carvalho with an innovative "ribbon cutting": a flaming torch themed with the area.

"Wolf Legend" draws its inspiration from the pivotal figure of the new attraction: a majestic wolf of over 16 metres that, struck by a curse, was turned to stone with his huge jaws wide open. Visitors are summoned to challenge the heights by performing a daring ritual: throwing themselves into the jaws of the stone animal to break the curse that imprisons it.

The Wolf Legend adventure begins already at the entrance portal, where an imposing tree trunk has (due to the curse) taken on the features of the majestic animal. The adventurers then board a gondola, and on the notes of a ritual chant, begin to ascend the octagonal tower surrounded by glittering symbols to be deciphered, and extraordinary lighting effects. Only when they reach the highest point of the attraction do they fall from 25 metres into the jaws of the wolf, passing through dense clouds of smoke. Guests are invited to climb up and down several times, and repeatedly rotate around the tower, for a memorable and unique experience before the final descent.

"Wolf Legend was conceived and designed by the Creative Team of Merlin Entertainments after having listened to and assessed the requests of our visitors, through surveys that we constantly carry out within the Park”, comments Sabrina de Carvalho, CEO of Gardaland. "This is why we are confident that it will meet the favour of our public, to whom we wish to offer a complete, exclusive and magical experience".

Gardaland therefore continues to invest in order to strengthen its position as a tourist destination at European level and confirm itself as a top player in the family entertainment industry. "Every year, we invest in infrastructures, in the management of attractions and in services”, says CEO de Carvalho. "The overall investment for the current season is around 14 million Euro. This figure includes both the creation of the new attraction and the staging of shows in the Park, as well as initiatives and extraordinary maintenance throughout Gardaland Resort, including the three hotels and SEA LIFE”.

In the meantime, attendance figures at the Resort confirm that 54 per cent of the guests are Italian, but there are also foreigners, especially from the German area. "Every year we receive millions of guests and, also for the current season, bookings are in line with forecasts. For the summer, we aim to record 95-98% occupancy as in previous years”. The strategic position of the Resort allows visitors not only to enjoy days at the Park and to relax in the large water park area, but also to travel to the nearby cities of art, while returning, however, to stay in the heart of the entertainment park and Lake Garda. "The objective of Gardaland Resort is to win the hearts of the whole family with brand new experiences”, confirms Sabrina de Carvalho.

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